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Persuasion (Screenplay)

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'Persuasion' is a screenplay with great expressive potential, which we hope will soon find its cinematic representation. From a technical point of view, all the elements are in the right place: rhythm, narrative plot, fascinating characters and suggestive scenes. However, what’s really surprising about Ruth Finnegan’s script is certainly something deeper. 'Persuasion' is in fact a film that seems to come from another era, for the elegance of the composition and the realism of the characters. At the same time, however, it manages to express immortal feelings, far from incomprehensible, which reach the viewer, vivid and exciting.

Much of the credit for this refinement certainly goes to the construction of the dialogues. Ruth is very skilled in giving voice and spirit to very different characters, always maintaining that passionate vibration that we can almost hear, as if it were the distinct voice of a real person. The language used is meticulous and very careful to return the nuances of a social background or a certain cultural education. In short, 'Persuasion' is animated by a vital force that strongly asks to become a film. We hope that this romantic and moving epic will soon see the light, because we still need these great declarations of love to the cinema and the Naval Officers.

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