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KATHY: the film – link

This is a short film that however you want to see life, it can fit. Talk about love, romance, mental health, and murder. A unique story written by Ruth Finnegan, filmed by Shanpepe Films and directed by JohnTumeun.

An Othello kinda story with a softer ending.

The short film is stars, Msendoo Tyoasough and John Tumeun.

AWARDS 2021-2021

International Hollywood Short Film Festival, Nominee, Jan 2021.

UK Film Festival Script Competitions: Phase 3  - on long list of top 55 amongst 'the highest standard and highest number of submissions we have ever received', March 2021.  

Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Selected 2020

Shepperton Screenwriting Festival,. Selected 2020

Art Film Awards, Finalist, 2021

Art Film Awards - Monthly Competition, Honorable Mention

Tripvill international Film Festival, Winner,  2021

Art Film Awards - Monthly Competition, Finalist


International Film Festival, Winner, 2022 

Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival, Winner, 2022

Golden Eagle Indie Film Festival, Winner, 2022

Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival, Finalist

Beyond Border International Film Festival, Winner

Gold Star Movie Awards, Winner  

Black Swan International Film Festival, Winner 

Mumbai International Film Festival Honorable Mention

Blastoff, Quarter Finalisr 

Hong Kong World Film Festival, Winner 

World Film Carnival, Finalist

Selected 2022

Rome International Movie Awards

The North Film Festival

Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards

Gold Star Movie Awards 

Fourth Dimension Independent Film Festival

Onyko Films Awards

Yellowstone International Film Festival

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