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No Biscuits in  Heaven – Screenplay and Radio play

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Shanpepe Films

No Biscuits in Heaven is a powerful, interesting, and unique story written by one of the world’s finest writers, RuthFinnegan. It is produced in Benue State, Nigeria, by ShanpepeFilms and directed by John Tumeun. The movie, set in 'Heaven' and on 'Earth,' features FrancisAtela, the second runner-up of the country-wide Nigerian Idol Season 6, 11-year old David Nnorom, Donald Gbum, Chris Abu, Msendoo Tyoasough and a host of other fine Nigerian actors.

A little angel, banished from heaven for a misdemeanour, can only return if he observes and records seven acts of real goodness on earth. Homesick and cold – and not believing that good deeds are possible on earth anyway – he does his best, meeting some unexpected people and actions on the way. But will he ever be able to circumvent the edict banishing him and get back home? A modern day mystery play.

No Biscuits in Heaven filmed in Nigeria

Below are filmset photos from live scenes – the man being forced  to the ground about to be lynched and probably on fire are where a young man suspected of stealing a bit of bread is saved by a streetside singer.  'Francis' who has a beautiful voice intervenes by singing about peace and harmony. He is actually one of Nigeria’s leading screen/TV celebrities, and we are privileged to have attracted him to our screenplay. He also appears later as the leader of the church choir.

Screenplay awards

Peachtree Village International Film Festival – Finalist

International Independent film awards – Award Winner

Creative World awards – Quarter finalist

Five Continents International Film Festival – Selected

WRPN TV Screenplay Competition – Award Winner

Miami Screenplay Awards, January 2021 – Upgraded

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